Where Do We Go NOW?

The past is no longer a viable indicator of the future.

The reference systems that we've used to measure progress are disappearing quickly.

The pain is in between where you are now and where you wanted to be now.

Predictions based on today will undoubtedly look silly tomorrow.

So how do we move?

The same way we navigate when we are lost:

1. Find where you are now.

2. Map where you want to go.

3. Repeat. Readjust. Redirect.

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  1. # Anonymous Bunk

    Hey. I caught you through mybloglog and stopped by to see what you had going on. Im also commenting, not particularly on this post but your blog in general. I admire it and your thoughts because they are challenging and makes a reader reexamine the status quo. Kudos man. Very nice thing you have going here.  

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