What If Startups ARE the Establishment?

The topple rate for large established organizations have been at an all time high for some time as this McKinsey paper outlines.

Some of the most powerful players online are small, agile organizations, and like Seth says, Small is the new Big.

Emerging web companies have disrupted everything from media, commerce and telecom and there is no letting up.

Independent, connected knowledge workers make up the emerging workforce, not seniority based on time on the job and loyalty.


If you are in any business context today, you don't need Tom Peters or me telling you the current reality.


So why is it, that the Startup ecosystem (the Angels, VCs, Entrepreneurs, C-Level execs, Technology partners) are all geared to play to the potential M&A play, the IPO and other constructs based on the assumption that large organizations will always rule?

Why is it, that despite all the disruptive thinking of the founders that created the market advantage, most mid stage startups OUTSOURCE their leadership to ex-corporate execs? People who continue to mimic their large organization upbringing and stifle the original innovation and prepare for an exit (often to ensure a fat personal compensation over organizational health)!

How come people still hire or give credence to people based on pedigrees without 1st checking on their integrity or motivation?


The reasons for the above are as human as any other time in history. It's tough to change, even if our life depended on it. We make decisions based on our "feelings", and our feelings are the direct result of our primitive hardwiring for survival.

I get it.

However, a HyperLocal, VirtuReal and hyperconnected world is very different than any other in history.

So in the age of disruptive creative destruction of everything from advertising, financial markets, telecom, media and more, is it really that outrageous to imagine the commercial power in the hands of us all?

More specifically, as change becomes a constant, what if legacy companies are a thing of the past and those agile enough to reinvent on the fly are the real power players?

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