Does Your Agenda Follow Network Rules?

The human network is more than a brand position for Cisco. It's real. We experience it everyday.

It should be obvious because "The nature of information is biological".

Drucker said it, and so have numerous others who see the obvious connection.

Irving recently posted this thoughtful piece on the nature of networks and changes emerging in the IT industry.

That's a vision some of us can see and work towards, and we try with our respective thoughts and innovations.

Unfortunately however, the myopic focus on next quarter's earnings is still the prevalent mantra in the business world.

Industry changing innovations that honor the network dynamic often don't make it (I know that all too well 1st hand).

-The kind of frenzy that results in moves like this for advertisers do.

-So does the hype around the Ethanol bandwagon over real green changes like Electric Cars or rebuilding Chinese cities.

-The oil company agenda still continues despite the occasional dissenting exposé.

Why they do is obvious.

With constant change, short term profitability seems a surer bet than long term sustainability.

But does it have to be?

Won't sustainable innovations give better return for energy spent in times of constant change?

or better yet, do you really think you can control a system to your benefit for long? See vid below:

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