Are You Hungry Enough to Stay Smart?

The social commentary at this poor girl's expense has been all over the media recently, but is it just about the poor education system in the US? Or is it more about complacency, as in the desire to learn when you grow up and get through life on your appearance?

Just as this Miss Teen USA contestant is clueless about geography, aren't some companies with growth on their side guilty of bonehead moves because they think they don't have to learn anymore? If we could all get by on how we "appear" to the marketplace, what is the real incentive to reinvent the game? When we can "acquire" the smart technologies and the companies that produce them, why bother with understanding what all this Web 2.0 stuff means? Just say some words like "social media" and "user generated" and look good to your board and convention goers such as... and we should be good right?

Think again.

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