How Much is "Post Strategy" Design Really Costing You?

This classic video always gets a few smirks and chuckles from the marketing community, but is its message really clear? While it's always convenient to bash Microsoft, I believe the real culprit is not the "best practices" of large companies, but rather the way most people still think of the role of design within their strategic objectives.

While myself and others with more impressive credentials tout the accolades of "design thinking", most marketing and corporate strategists still view design as aesthetics after the strategic "heavy lifting" has been decided. The end result is obvious in this parody video, but is it really obvious in your organization?

The cool factor of design centric organizations is just that: DESIGN is at the CENTER.

That means, involve designers and design thinkers when you are conceiving the plan, not bring them in when you need to "execute" the plan. As the video clearly states, the conventional thinking will yield not much more than crap!

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