What’s on Your Mind?

The video above might just be a preview of the way we interact with virtual spaces in the very near future. While the iPhone, MS Surface and other cool ways of interacting with machines as I’d previously illustrated are already capturing our imaginations, the biggest shift yet is the one at the speed of our thoughts.

I’m a big fan of the ideology that our thoughts create our reality, and as we head into a world where we blur the lines between real and virtual, it takes on an entirely more profound meaning.

The idea that advertising is content was not just my rants like this one, but actually coming true here with the Geico Cavemen and characters from your media entertainment spaces having footprints like this in our mental realities. That, with a real marketplace for virtual goods are just more indicators that the physical and metaphysical are indeed becoming one and the same.

Though I’m not a big believer of following a linear logic to the future, it’s likely that the influence of brand stories in today’s transitory semi-meta virtual existence might translate quite seamlessly in our more immersive mind spaces in the very near future. As traditional advertising models of awareness=relevance dies its much deserved death, the brand stories that move us might just be driven by our own imaginations.

What do you think? (double meaning obviously intended)

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