What Matters First?

Some people are making a big deal about Markus Frind who was smart enough to ask the most important questions first and capitalized on the corresponding answers:

Q: What’s missing from online dating sites?
A: Free Services!

Q: How can I capitalize on it?
A: While advertisers still bet on “page views” to be a viable conversion tool, it's a no-brainer : Online Ads!

To me, as I’m sure to many of you it’s blatantly obvious. The question though, is that is it obvious now that I’ve pointed it out, or that Markus is making serious money, or both?

As The Black Swan points out, we often see the logic of solutions after the fact and deduce that “the logic” we reconstructed may be the formula for future success. It’s not! The four dimensional paths of intersecting possibilities made the apparent success real only seem unidirectional after the fact!

However, asking what matters first (like having a engaging story line) may guarantee a better return than this type of a multi-million dollar doozey...but that’s another topic for another post...

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