You wouldn’t use a bulldozer to manage your backyard garden or a toothbrush to scrub the floors; so why would you offer a blanket solution to the most efficient way to spend money?

The right answer to efficiency has nothing to do with down or up-scaling spending but asking the questions that really eliminates waste from the process. The best definition of waste I’ve heard to date is this:

Waste = Any human activity which absorbs resources but creates no value.

So what is efficient spending?

Maybe the first place to look is in nature. In nature, waste is food. True efficiency is not minimizing waste, but to get rid of it altogether. This brings to mind bigger questions of current forms of Capitalism that ignores human and natural capital, but the indicators are clear. Rightsizing is about seeing the entire system at play and see where your particular function fits in to add value. Only from that perspective can one see what is inefficient and adjust accordingly. Otherwise we might as well be bringing a bulldozer to manage Petunias.

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