Give it Away, Give it Away, Give it Away Now!

Give strategically.

As we get more and more connected, the real and relevant way to reach those that care about what you have to offer is to give it away for FREE.

The strategic part is creating value with the new revenue channels the "FREE" creates. Google gave search away for free so that Adwords can generate revenue. Give away mobile phones and earn from ringtones. Give away printers and make more on the cartridges. Give away hotel rooms and make it up on the selling of services and get the idea.

The point is about understanding where the "real value" in the connected economy is. Compelling ideas inspire more of the same. That's all good. If you give it away while having a plan to sell the execution of them, even better.

Any clues as to why I'm giving articles and ideas out? Can you think of the same for your business? The core of what you have to offer is gonna be demanded for cheaper and cheaper as competition rages on. The smart thing to do is not insist that your "branded" core service is worth more, but that it is worth more because of all the other services it enables. Have a plan to profit from those, and...

Give it way. Now.

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