Are You Flowing Through or Floating Extras?

In the new book called "YOU: The Owner’s Manual" Dr. Michael F. Roizen and Dr. Mehmet Oz state that the primary indicators of good health is optimum blood pressure and waste elimination. Before you wonder what pressure and bowel movements have to do with your business just consider this:

In the medical context, the logic of benchmarking based on blood pressure is that it is interconnected to the efficient regulation of all of your bodily functions. And as far as waste elimination goes, it provides conclusive proof that the system is working efficiently.

Now, interestingly enough I see this quite applicable to business in today’s scenario. The optimum flow of customer satisfaction to internal satisfaction is a fairly close analogy to blood pressure is it not? And understanding the root of company waste is definitely a clear indicator of efficiency? BTW, in the broader connected sense shouldn’t waste ideally be a nutrient back into the system? How do our wasted byproducts from marketing, operations or innovations benefit global marketplace at large? Do you still think I’m talking "shit" or can you see the correlation?

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