Are you 100% sure?

As much my personal pet peeve with references about 110% effort or 200% commitment (there’s only 100% of a whole, people!) bug me, leaders who believe in 100% certainty about their actions actually frighten me.

If one makes the effort of convincing oneself that they are absolutely right, it automatically closes them off to other possibilities that may be critical to innovating in a world of ever increasing variables. Worse yet, people who believe in such absolutes, generally also think that they are smarter than everyone else is.

No is as smart as everyone.

As many a financial advisor will tell you that the personality type who believes that they are the smartest ones in the room (the 100% right people) inevitably make bad investments, because their arrogance keeps them on the wrong path until it is too late.

In business as in life, absolute beliefs are often concepts that may put the mind to rest, but they also close off the possibilities for improvement. In a world where duplication is becoming easier, resources are becoming accessible to all; innovation is probably the only true asset for survival.

Given that, it may be much smarter to be "reasonably sure" and "somewhat convinced" before making your move. If you at least give credence to Darwin’s statement that it’s not the smartest or strongest who survive, but the most adaptive…to adapt in the connection age may just mean that it’s actually a good thing to not be 100% sure.

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