Web Headed?

The "Blog or Die" credo has finally made it to the front page of Businessweek, but will blogs really change everything? Adobe bought Macromedia and there are talks of websites and all their respective media content being contained within PDFs that can be optimized and managed via DRM. I was at Ad-Tech SF last week and "Search" is what most everyone believes can change the world. The world of marketing at least…

From my perspective, there are no answers here but there must and should be questions. Blogs (including this one) are pretty boring to drill down into for most even if you like the topics presented. Who really has that kind of time to find out what "supposedly insightful" thing I posted months back? I also dig the idea of portable web content that is technically server independent, but I’m not sure the next version of "flashpaper" is gonna change the web. Does search have to be an action one takes or a filter parameter?

I think instead of jumping on the next bandwagon of what might be we should ask what people want and need it to be. Blogs won’t go away because people need conversation. About what, how often, when and for how long should be questions that will determine their relevancy. I think discussions about the means (blogs, flash embedded pdfs, or whatever…) are always short sighted. Let’s talk purpose based behavior, the things people do to search for meaning as the "means" present themselves, and I think we might get to some questions that reveal real answers.

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