I don’t get numbers and you don’t get pictures?

When Picasso said that we are all born artists and it was a up to us whether or not we stay that way, maybe he was onto something we missed altogether during our collective de-skilling during the industrial age.

We marvel at the DaVincis and Ben Franklins of the world because they seemed to have defied convention to play both right and left side of their brains to the fullest, yet we still don’t encourage such in our current educational system.

The tech guy doesn’t get graphics or the creative guy doesn’t get business has become so insidiously etched into our belief systems that we as creative types or vice versa are actually limited by it.

The need to put us in slots may have helped us serve the machine of industrial production lines, but is that really necessary any longer? Was it ever? As we transition from the globalization of countries and the globalization of corporations to the now globalization of individuals, how do such individuals in a global economy create value for themselves and the innovations they create with others?

The answers may be as simple as the assets you were born with. If we can unlearn the crap that says we are either right brained OR left brained, logical OR whimsical, playful OR serious, and realize that it is more of an "AND" equation, we can actually harness our real powers and contribute something meaningful.

Sure it’s difficult to "undo" a lifetime’s worth of conditioning, but at least being open to the possibility of it will do wonders for you, your brand and everything else you do. Take it from someone who was always told he couldn’t do much more than draw pictures…

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