Is Saying Nothing More Telling?

Everyone knows that actions speak louder than words. But which actions, when and where and what they actually tell are often a mystery. Whether behavior really helps to find people to sell to, or attracting people that buy from you is a moot point. "Getting" how people really think defines contexts for cause and effect which moves all of us forward. For example, does the following seem true?

Miserly = Greedy
Late = Inconsiderate
Angry = Unfulfilled
Open Minded = Gullible
Trusting = Loyal
Loud = Insecure
Secretive = opportunistic
Abusive = Feels Helpless (in controlling others)

Maybe; but without the questions of context and motive, are they really rules that apply across the board?

Behavior per circumstance always brings unique variables to the mix. Though it can help to rely on these simple explanations, with life and business at stake, these actions may be the wrong place to look.

My feeling is that let people behave as they are. There are too many variables to gauge why someone exactly behaves the way they do. Seeing some of these patterns though is important in assessing your own behavior. If these observations help you close the gap from where you are and where you thought you were, then they are helpful. Trying to do that for those you may want to persuade is just too much work. If you are truly who you want to be, the right kind of people will be attracted to you. That’s a universal rule you can count on.

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