The Experience IS the Message

Until now, we’ve only been accustomed to a linear communication model. Getting the word of a single source out to the many. Historically, each layer of accessibility brought on by each improvement of travel and communications created more and more channels for that single initiating source. The end recipients of that communication were either confined by geography or had limited means of getting their reactions to that information out. They had little means to evaluate, compare or verify the relevance of the information sent down to them, thus popularity and conformity ruled the day. If you disagreed or had a deviant reaction as the end recipient of that communication, you were either ostracized or you kept your mouth shut.

Village elders passed on information that was confined to the village, kings passed down information that was contained within their kingdoms, the printed word passed down information to the masses and radio and television followed suit. But today, something is vastly different. The recipients of the intended communications can communicate back just as efficiently and effectively as the king (one with all resources) could before. The Internet fuels that exchange by creating multisided dynamic channels irrespective of time, distance, and now even method such as user generated video a la YouTube and others.

This basic idea of a dynamic, distributed peer to peer network fundamentally changes the way suppliers and seekers are connected. Most advertisers today are still operating as though the Internet is yet another media channel like television, radio and printed publications that came before it. It would certainly explain why people put banner ads on social network pages while studies clearly indicate the preference for them is zero.
The Internet is not another channel !!!

It changes advertising as we knew it forever and it changes it from the point of view from both the experience seekers (users) and experience providers (advertiser/suppliers) alike.

In the non-linear communication paradigm we now participate in, is the message to entice one towards a particular choice still important? Is the “message” the idea that leads to the choice, or the actual choice itself? Think about it, because it’s an important distinction. It questions the focus on “awareness” and puts the spotlight on “relevance”.

If you’re an advertiser and are wondering why your ROI has been taking a dive lately, here’s the first clue:

The Experience IS the Message.

It's not about your product or service. It's not even about you! It's how the experience you deliver makes people feel about themselves in your presence.

To measure stickiness, recall, click-throughs, eyeballs or to spend more on “positioning” is not only becoming less important everyday, it will soon be unnecessary. Instead, think of what makes something MEANINGFUL to your customers...

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