SelfLead: The Emergence of The Sovereign Citizen

I finally got around to writing a thought piece on it. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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  1. # Anonymous Barbara

    >> Enable the empowered. Marketing is no longer about messages. It’s about
    motivation. If you want to motivate the new sovereignty, reach them by the tools they
    will use to refine their participation power. That means be available as choices for
    personalization on start-page like environments where choosing your brand of service
    is a self-defining action.<<

    I loved this.. so very well put and true. Always enjoy reading your thoughts!

  2. # Blogger Rish

    Similarly, I read this on brandchannel today, and it was provocative, in a very, very good way.

    I think the future you sketch out is near. I think the next questions are:

    1) how we help organisations embrace this future

    2) how we help people develop the skills and capital (both actual, time and cognitive) to grasp these opportunities.  

  3. # Blogger Ray Podder

    Thanks Rish. I think it's already here, albeit in disguise at times. As to your questions:

    1. The best thing organizations can do is understand that it is happening. The strategies to adapt and compete will be self evident if we make moves based on society and heman needs ahead of technical possibilities. For example, don't just install a Wiki and ask for collaboration from your customers until you understand the motivations behind such collaboration within a particular culture.

    2. That's the business I'm in. Call me :)  

  4. # Blogger Ray Podder

    doh! I meant "human" needs not "heman" for example, my need now to be forgiven for my misspelling...  

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