Who Do You Connect To?

I hear the same complaints about vendors, partners, friends, colleagues, employees and bosses from the same people all too often. In fact, I’ve even done it myself enough times to finally ask WHY? Amazingly, when you ask the right questions, the right answer just comes along:

Our relationships both in business and in life are nothing more than mirrors of ourselves.

The choices we make have nothing to do with inevitability, but everything to do with who we feel we are when we make them.

We are continuously authoring a story of who we are by the choices we make. We seek what we feel we don’t have enough of, we admire the qualities we think we need more of, and we despise the qualities we don’t like in ourselves...all to create the ideal version of ourselves. So why all the complaints? René Magritte's "False Mirror" image above might be a big clue!

Maybe you don’t know yourself as well as you might think!

If you can look at your choices (friends, associates, vendors, partners, etc.) objectively, you might just have all the answers to all your complaints. What you choose to do about them is another matter altogether...

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  1. # Blogger Phil Gerbyshak

    "Our relationships both in business and in life are nothing more than mirrors of ourselves." This nugget provides some excellent food for thought, as does your close about looking at things objectively. Here's to being more objective in 2007. Thanks for the reminder to do so!  

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