Is Spin Still “In”?

For those in the know, this PR effort on behalf of the cable industry is obviously BS but will the subscribers to their services know any different? The same kind of infoganda that keeps certain powers that be and certain issues like renewable energy distorted within the public perception is very much in charge of our perceptions. Why?

If markets are indeed conversations a-la the Cluetrain, and openness was supposed to make us more responsible (thus truthful) then why do people still buy into the hype? I sure don’t have all the answers, but I can offer a question to you that may be revealing:

Is it easier to have the “truth” delivered than to work for it?

Right now, the Internet savvy like us who dig for info, and quest for meaning are few. Most people next door, even if they use the Internets do "The Google" or "The eMail" or check "The AOL" and have no clue about mashups, diggs,, technorati and the like. Until that changes, I think “Spin” has a nice pad with a beach front view in the mediascape, don’t you?

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