Is SPAM like Sperm?

The nature of information is biological.

In the connection economy, a new piece of information that might create some sort of meaning to us is a game of odds. Sure, we choose what creates meaning for us, but why do people still SPAM? Why does crime exist, why do AdWords still make sense in the age of click fraud and DOS attacks?

Simple: They all pay!

Back to the subject of SPAM, SPLOGs and sincere pleas from Nigerian royals. Could it be that they are actually effective? Even though everything I believe in detests such practices, we can’t deny the logic of a small percentage getting through. Guys like Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian even raises money for a great cause by spamming a real message.

So is it SPAM that’s bad or the messages we’ve come to associate with it?

Are criminals smarter at recognizing what works in our interconnected paradigm of the world before the rest of us discover it for good? Is it too late for us by that time? Do legitimate marketers employ SPAM tactics while their public brand denounce it? If you understand human nature and the nature of information you might already have the answers.

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  1. # Blogger ilker

    I guess they are.. since they are numerous in number and their purpose is to reproduce like mad!  

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