Politics or Progress?

While the US debates about what stem cell research really means, Singapore is collecting the world’s best minds to move their research forward. The same with cloning progress in China, the fusion of bank-less transactions and online gambling in Europe, eNums and VOIP and more in less regulated areas of the world.

I’m generally observational about patterns and not politics, but I can’t help but see that policy is standing in the way of progress.

This is NOT about my political viewpoint, but rather an observation. It seems that this country’s culture confuses managerial and operational expertise with leadership while visionaries within organizations get labeled “futurists” or some other “harmless” title, and real progress gets sidetracked by the immediate and myopic agenda.

Maybe that used to be OK before in a less connected world... But with INNOVATION repeatedly proving to be our true advantage in the global marketplace, can we still tolerate this kind of condescending thinking at any level? Haven’t we been fooled long enough as “consumers”, “patriots”, “members”, “employees” and other cogs in someone else’s machine? Isn’t it time we stopped taking it and championed real change by putting visionaries in charge and contributing to their causes with our collective creativity?

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