Desperate Marketing Archives?

Can you spot the HP logo placement in this video? Does anyone get the 1,768th chance at making that 1st impression? What seems logical to most human beings seems to elude marketers these days. From HP paying $200,000 to place a translucent logo on the recent Jessica Simpson video that most will never register, to a promo my wife just saw on Lifetime Television where the sponsor, Vagisil plastered their logo bigger than the title of the show, it seems advertisers are still chasing the idea that impressions equal dollars.

Can impressions still be meaningful when we are bombarded with them? One can argue that its a chicken and egg scenario for relevance, in that the more you know about something the more you’re likely to recall it when you’re seeking it, but I disagree. Cockroaches are omnipresent, but only relevant to entomologists or those sharing their apartment with them. The same goes for advertising impressions. There is a better way to think about it. Sharing meaning in a common context for one. You know, when you and your friend both love Thai food equally and he hooks you up with the best one in town?

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