We live in the age of paradox...or do we?

Today, it’s not about art or science, design or strategy, screen or experiential marketing, advertising or editorial, customers or advertisers it’s BOTH. In the era of disappearing contexts being “both” seems more normal than being either or; but why?
Why does being connected make us many things at once, and why should we even care?

I think the way to think about this is not just conceptually, but practically. Being many things simultaneously is nothing new. We are already many things in our daily lives from buyer to seller, offspring to parent, friend to adversary at any given moment. The thing that determines which one of those is most relevant is the context we’re in right now. When the context involves all the parties associated with defining those relationships (such as your annual family business picnic) everyone of those relationships are readily apparent.

The real factor here is the visibility of all sides of the connections.

The world today is mimicking that dynamic with hyper-connected individuals empowered with instant communication accessibility. If you think of our interconnected marketplace and society like your family business picnic it is actually that simple.

We are not really living in a sea of apparent contradictions, we are just seeing all sides of our interconnected existence.

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