10 Things that Kill the Cool Online:

In my last post I bitched and rambled on about the lunacy of commercializing previously “cool” spaces online. It just occurred to me that the signs are pretty simple if you just take the time to look. Here’re my top ten reasons why “cool” dies an untimely death:

10. The owners of the site1 notice the activity and start making plans to cash in.

9. Outside “experts” come in and advise the founders of site1 on what they should do next.

8. The site1 owners make deals with advertisers and technology partners and the mainstream PR machine unleashes and goes rampant.

7. The people that never “got it” before suddenly show up at site1.

6. These “new people” start asking the existing site1 members about what they missed or interrupt them with other irrelevant questions.

5. The new people start spewing buzzwords and promoting their new Internet real estate businesses.

4. The site1 owners ignore the conversations and add new features like blogs and address books while big plans for version 3.0 cook in the background.

3. The original members start dropping off faster than the new ones come online at site1.

2. Somebody posts a “you suck” piece about the site1 and others agree.

1. A new site2 pops up with most of the original site1 members there.

BTW, not a direct correlation...I wish the YouTube guys all the success! But check out the video for some apropriate humor. When these are gone, the clown suits have defintely invaded. Enjoy:

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  1. # Anonymous Mary

    This is very entertaining, but it is true. The Internet brings out everything, even the most unwanted content you could think of.  

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