What Do People Really Want?

Fear and desire have always gone hand in hand. Our deepest fears have always revealed our truest desires. For example, if you fear being insignificant, you definitely desire fame. If you fear being poor, you are bound to desire riches, and so on...

While surface needs are always debatable and open to interpretation, all people at their core want to SURVIVE. But what does “survival” really mean? Obviously, it’s the FEAR of their demise and the DESIRE of pleasure, but within which context?

Interestingly, while we are wired for survival in the physical world, our daily existence is increasingly becoming virtual, or more about the the things we can’t really see or touch. It used be that we took a break from our geographically bound physical world to engage the mind with media or thoughts; but isn’t it the other way around now?

Don’t we spend most of our time (work or play) thinking, worrying, imagining, escaping and staring into a screen or attaching our senses to some other attention occupying device (iPods, phones, etc.) most of the time, and THEN take a break to deal with reality (i.e, take out the trash)?

What’s happened here?

Has the context of survival shifted from the physical reality to the space in our heads? If we’ve indeed moved from body to mind, (and before you debate it, just consider what you are doing reading this blog post right now) what are the new rules of survival? What constitutes our real fears here? What equates to our real desires here?

In the physical world, its pretty simple. We fear things leading to death and desire things leading to sex. Before you consider that too simplistic an assessment, just ask yourself why you avoid driving into oncoming traffic and why you really want any possession.

The most powerful force to shape human destiny has always been our desires. The opposite of what we fear most have always been desirous. The question here is not about that basic understanding, but what those fears and desires are when our context changes from the physical to the mental. In other words, in the new world of our mind spaces is it still the same? The answer to that may not only reveal how to market and participate in next market reality, but also reveal who we are and who we are all becoming.

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