Best In Planet Brands: Gimmick or Advantage?

What makes you so unique from the billions of your co-habitants on this planet? Before you go to answer that with poetry, genetics or simply your unique perspective just consider why that’s even relevant. Why are we as a global society shifting more value towards individuality than we’d done so when we defined ourselves closer to region, tribe or clan?

Maybe because now we are all instantly global?

All of a sudden we are swimming in a bigger pond, nay ocean and what do we come up with to survive? Best of breed? Category or market leader? Suddenly fitting in seems way more lame than ever before. It seems we don’t have much of a choice but to be the only one in the planet who does what you do. A "Best-In-Planet" Brand.

Sure that’s easy to say for emerging technology, but what if you’re toothpaste or arthritis OTC medicine, what’s so "Best In Planet" about that? How are you going to "position" yourself into that? How about forget the "position" and actually "be" the "tastiest toothpaste" or the "easiest to open" aspirin bottle for starters? Do you see what I’m getting at?

Being best in planet is an attitude we can all afford to have if we embrace innovation as an absolutely must-have ingredient for our brand. A continuous improvement factory led by a big insight that drives the next big ideas and the brand forward.

It’s not a gimmick or "position". It’s real by virtue of brand purpose. The only kind of brand to be in an interconnected world is the best in the world. Can you step up?

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