Think Sync?

I’m reading Tom Peters last month and he mentions Rolf Jensen’s Dream Society. WTF (What the f***)? I was just reading that. I read Seth Godin and he’s talking about stories we tell ourselves. WTF? I was just thinking of writing a paper about it. I was thinking about a business idea where people could vote on relevant news based on interest, and the people at Headshift ( are talking about the same shit. WTF?

Sure, sometimes I have an idea different from others, as do they when they surprise me with some interesting insight, but overall I find it fascinating that seemingly disconnected people arrive at similar conclusions albeit from different directions.

Why is that?

I remember reading Krishnamurthi back in the day, and his saying something to the effect of the answer being right there if you clear your mind and listen. Hmmm, very interesting. Maybe being connected is enabling us to listen with a little more ease? Perhaps thinkers everywhere are arriving at similar insights because our connected whole propagated by connection technologies such as the Internet touches all of us?

Think about it, we are using the same collective to search for the same answers. Peter Drucker or Bill Gates does the same search I do to look for the clues to the same question. The same question in fact spurred by the shared consciousness of us all. Maybe the idea of Internet being our collective mind isn’t as far fetched as Kevin Kelly recently proclaimed in the Wired anniversary issue.

Maybe this is just the beginning of amazing things to come. I’d like to hope anyway…with you all, if that’s cool.

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  1. # Anonymous gulliver

    >I find it fascinating that seemingly disconnected people arrive at similar conclusions albeit from different directions.

    'We're all in this together and Life is trying to tell us something...' maybe it's entirely natural. Without getting too 'zen and the art of enterprise' here, I think we often get the horse incorrectly positioned to the cart... and believe that we're clever enough to have thought of something, when really the thing has been bouncing around the ether waiting for someone to 'grab' it - often without their conscious awareness. Worse still, we then 'go think about it' for awhile and come back with our development strategy - again a silly move: when we just shut up and listen, the concept self-defines and 'tells' us what's to be done with it. Anyway... whatever... moving on...

    Of course, on an entirely 'and now we return to our regular schedule' mundane level - where we don't even think about (and certainly not accept) nonsense like I've just written, I'm heartened that 'shared consciousness' and 'internet' are becoming (or at least aiding development of) a 'collective mind' of better-informed people. It's my view that the source of an idea isn't really important - and is almost trivial when compared to what's done with it...

    If 'with information, comes power' is true, then truly collaborative sharing might just be something real cool - with effects way beyond what most of us could imagine. And again, on that entirely mundane level of neckties and 9-5 'busyness', I'm personally encouraged by the increased acceptance of 'they get it' and 'next ideas' stuff - I'll take the passion of Peters over the dull academics anyday.

    So then... 'live, love, laugh - and share it'... let's welcome the advantages of really good technology and use it appropriately - to establish a self-perpetuating flow.

    '...with you all, if that’s cool' is the *hot* thing - there's too many of us 'individualised'... publishing into the void (the '13 views, 0 comments' syndrome) where really good stuff struggles to be heard among the chatter. Now, if we use the tech to help us collaborate effectively... consolidate those 'microvoices'... how much better might we individually and collectively become? ...just a thought.

    So yeah, count me in - and it'll be a shorter comment next time.  

  2. # Blogger Ray Podder

    Right on!

    I'm also of the mindset that ideas realized is far more significant than ideas conceived. Isn't it interesting that we've managed to connect over that particular idea?

    BTW, Knowing how you feel about actionable ideas vs. hot wind, I'm sure we'll also realize that in our own ways too.  

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