It's always been about power, except that now it's not about "Capital" but "Ideas".

The truly powerful now become so by giving power away to others. Empowering others in an open environment automatically impels reciprocation. It's human nature. It's the reason why we return phone calls, why we feel obligated to bring gifts to those who've given to us, and in an open context it is what polices open forums like blogs and social networks to be civilized towards one another. It's not built on secrecy and succession, because the availability of open communication channels makes that quite difficult.

If it was only about capital, that would also have to mean that wealth is finite, and the concentration of wealth determine distribution. If that were true, than the idea-based empires of Microsoft, and Google would be nonexistent.

Today, we are moving from a globalization of countries to companies to now individuals.

Individuals with the right connections yield the most power relative to time and place relationships. The right ideas find the capital on their own terms to secure a powerful position. Intelligence becomes distributed and ideas become the drivers.

Capital now chases ideas and not the other way around.

Without the right ideas (like the valuation indicators of global currency), the finite capital bases (like gold) aren't really worth anything. Connectors like the written word created kingdoms, the printed word spawned modern democracies, the telephone created global economies, and now the Internet and emerging technologies that put the power back in the hands of the people to connect like never before....

The "connection economy" is not a fad; it's more powerful than all economic models that came before it. In fact, its blueprint (genotype to be more accurate) is visible in nature itself.

In such a world, does it not make more sense to have "Idea" rather than "Capital" managers at the helm of organizations?

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