Power and Greed or Creative Destruction?

I can testify by personal experience that those in power NEVER cede it by their own choosing. The idealistic optimist in me always believes that people like us can make a difference in the world but the pragmatist in me sees the reality of the obstacles that stand in the way.

The video above sees that reality and makes fun of it but do we who believe otherwise really have the collective power to change it? How long does the sting of muting our voices last before we give up and go about our business? Net neutrality is a big deal for guys like me who want to bring our innovations to market, but at the end of the day, I’m still dependent on money guys who wouldn’t be in business for too long if they go against the powers that be.

Take again the example of trying to create positive change in the transportation industry. From Teslamotors to Zap to the publicity of “Who Killed the Electric Car?”, it seems that the EV revolution will actually happen again, or will it? Does it really have the muscle to rise above the Ethanol BS that the general public buys hook, line and sinker?

Sure, the information is more prolific in the connection age, but does information really change minds? Especially the minds of those who have the most to lose? Doesn’t education really just enforce ones own point of view more than anything else? How else do you explain educated terrorists?

Think about it.

The only way I know to unseat the powers that be to the greater good is to hit ‘em where it hurts most...the pocketbook! Perhaps the alternatives and info being present is nothing more than an opportunity at that. The idealist in me would like to vote with my pocketbook in that direction, but the pragmatist needs to move on...I think the pragmatist needs a serious ass kicking, what do you say? Maybe there is hope for idealists after all...

Truth in Advertising

Funnier yet is the assumption that advertising communications are unidirectional; meaning that the focus is still on channels and message rather than "meaning". I believe advertising is headed towards 2way exchange of intelligence between supplier and seeker. No, that doesn't mean little messages between advertiser and customer, but rather a better way understanding each other. At least this video serves as a reminder of the problems between people regardless of objective...enjoy :)

The Experience IS the Message

Until now, we’ve only been accustomed to a linear communication model. Getting the word of a single source out to the many. Historically, each layer of accessibility brought on by each improvement of travel and communications created more and more channels for that single initiating source. The end recipients of that communication were either confined by geography or had limited means of getting their reactions to that information out. They had little means to evaluate, compare or verify the relevance of the information sent down to them, thus popularity and conformity ruled the day. If you disagreed or had a deviant reaction as the end recipient of that communication, you were either ostracized or you kept your mouth shut.

Village elders passed on information that was confined to the village, kings passed down information that was contained within their kingdoms, the printed word passed down information to the masses and radio and television followed suit. But today, something is vastly different. The recipients of the intended communications can communicate back just as efficiently and effectively as the king (one with all resources) could before. The Internet fuels that exchange by creating multisided dynamic channels irrespective of time, distance, and now even method such as user generated video a la YouTube and others.

This basic idea of a dynamic, distributed peer to peer network fundamentally changes the way suppliers and seekers are connected. Most advertisers today are still operating as though the Internet is yet another media channel like television, radio and printed publications that came before it. It would certainly explain why people put banner ads on social network pages while studies clearly indicate the preference for them is zero.
The Internet is not another channel !!!

It changes advertising as we knew it forever and it changes it from the point of view from both the experience seekers (users) and experience providers (advertiser/suppliers) alike.

In the non-linear communication paradigm we now participate in, is the message to entice one towards a particular choice still important? Is the “message” the idea that leads to the choice, or the actual choice itself? Think about it, because it’s an important distinction. It questions the focus on “awareness” and puts the spotlight on “relevance”.

If you’re an advertiser and are wondering why your ROI has been taking a dive lately, here’s the first clue:

The Experience IS the Message.

It's not about your product or service. It's not even about you! It's how the experience you deliver makes people feel about themselves in your presence.

To measure stickiness, recall, click-throughs, eyeballs or to spend more on “positioning” is not only becoming less important everyday, it will soon be unnecessary. Instead, think of what makes something MEANINGFUL to your customers...

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