Is a Mass Innovation Future Closer Than We Think?

Within the last couple of days of the iPhone launch and the Google Android platform's contests a little earlier, it's not that difficult to imagine that what can be dreamed of today is actually closer than its projection.

As I'd illustrated in an earlier post here, and on the GrowAhead blog the missing components of a vision at the time of conception evolve at a more rapid rate (like the availability of multi-touch surfaces or nanomaterials) once the purpose driven meme is set loose to a imaginative and connected audience. In other words, when we can collectively imagine a need like finding the cool spots recommended by our friends, the means to do just that happen much faster than in the singular incomplete imagination of the original visionary.

Understanding the real constraints of political, social and technological execution limitations that can't match the boundlessness of imaginations, the discussion is about not visions for next month, but rather projections that are years away. If you buy my theory though, I think that timeframe is shorter yet, when you factor in collective visions that self-correct the assumptions over singular ones (such as these video examples that have been shared on a public forum like YouTube).

Anyway, that's my take on it, and here's another perspective (see video below). What do you think?

Do You Know What You Suck At?

It's very easy to confuse the need to persevere against the odds vs. when you really should quit. These guys from Boogie Nights illustrate the point beautifully. Enjoy!

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