One and The Same

Life, the Universe and everything is essentially the same when you can see the whole picture. Before you assume that I’m writing my 1st blog entry of 2006 having lost my mind, just consider these simple facts and observations:

Everything we know and can conceptualize is made up of bits of information.

Just as it is true that the nature of information is biological; so is also the truth that the nature of biology is information.

One can argue that everything but light is made up of atoms but what are atoms if not carriers of bits of information? You can think of atoms carrying bits of information as bits of information carrying can’t really separate the two.

I can further validate this analogy to the less theoretical like the difference (or lack thereof) between extreme joy and sadness, science and art, business and personal...

My wannabe doctorate thesis aside, this particular insight to me reveals something quite interesting. It enables me to live a little more comfortably with the ambiguity, paradox and the dissolution of context we face in a interconnected world.

A world interconnecting in such ways that we become inseparable from the collective information that both binds and separates us, interconnecting into a system no different from the biological system of a mind. Yes, I’m seeing the global brain powered by the Internet finally coming into maturity.

The questions now aren’t so much about proof of theorem, but what does this mean for the way we interact with each other, grow and evolve as we share connections potentially in a much more meaningful way? What does this mean for the role of advertising in our lives? How will we create relevance when it becomes so individualized? That and more is stuff I’ve been thinking about and applying to a new business called “into”.

You can read more about the conceptual foundation of it here, and let’s keep the conversation going. We can create the future we want by our own will and by the realization that ultimately the “meaning” we are all after is one and the same.

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