Interconnectivity and The Future of Marketing

Today, we are seeing the emergence of the human being in her/his full form after hundreds of years of conditioning to be skilled to serve only their job function or the linear ideology of the marketers function requiring "consumers" at the end of their cycle.

I believe what we really have here is the power of interconnection afforded by the Internet approaching something truly unique. A civilization that is no longer in competition with nature because we are connected in totality much like biological systems in our bodies.

That may be a lofty ideal, and I may not see it in my lifetime, but I believe all indications are there that is where we're headed.

In terms of applying that thinking in a brand/marketing context, I believe that it is not about measuring behavior in order to target messages at them; but rather measuring behavior patterns in conjunction with unintrusive technological advances to determine intent and "relevance". Search marketing pioneers are already thinking this way, and its about time that brands understand that its not about tactics but about opening up interactions with people in a seamless way.

The more people that are connected, the more you will be able to debunk "positioning" myths, and more relevance will play a role. Brands will increasingly be about the "truth" that's relevant to the person seeeking interaction with them; much like the people we choose to associate with over others.

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